P-Töölö is an underground car park, which is built under the two major hotels (currently the Scandic Continental and the Crown Plaza) on the boundary of Mannerheimintie, Kivelänkatu, Töölönkatu and Dunckerinkatu streets.

Entrance and exit

When you drive north from Mannerheimintie to the center, P-Töölö is the first car park on your route. You can either head from Mannerheimintie or Runeberginkatu to Töölönkatu. The drive-in takes place at Töölönkatu 23, which is also where you drive out. The car park has three floors and is well sign-posted. Disabled parking spaces are located near the lifts.

Pedestrian routes

1.    East of Töölönkatu and Tykistökatu, Töölönkatu 23
2.    Mannerheimintie 48 (between Scandic Park and Crowne Plaza)
3.    The northwestern corner of Dunckerinkatu and Mannerheimintie junction

There are three entrances for pedestrians. The main entrance is on Töölönkatu, right next to Töölöntori, close to the concentration of popular restaurants. Two entrances are located on the Mannerheimintie side, close to trams and bus stops. Through these entrances, there is a short distance to the hotels, the National Opera, the Finlandia Hall and the Music House. All entrances have a lift and a staircase.