1. Parking is allowed against payment 24/7.

2. At entry and exit there is automatic registration number recognition in the parking area.

3. The parking fee is debited in accordance with the current price list. The payment methods are listed under section 7 below. The price list may be found on our home page at Pricing – P-Töölö (ptoolo.fi)

4. Parking is only allowed in the designated parking spaces. The vehicle’s registration plate must be visible, even for CCTV monitoring.

5. Parking is at your own risk. P-Töölö assumes no liability for damage to property in the facility.

6. The parking has recording CCTV monitoring.

7. Payment methods for parking:

  • Payment by mobile phone: Pay using the EasyPark or ParkMan application. Directions for paying by mobile automatically or manually may be found in the vicinity of the payment machine or online at Home – P-Töölö (ptoolo.fi)
  • Payment at the payment machine pre-exiting: feed the registration number of your car into the payment machine before driving out and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Payment by invoice: If the parking is not being paid using the above payment methods within 72 hours, our collaboration partner will send an invoice by mail to the owner/possessor of the vehicle. An invoicing fee of €5 will be added onto the invoice. This payment method is only available to vehicles registered with the TrafiCom authority.

8. If parking is required for more than 30 consecutive days, P-Töölö must be notified by email at info@ptoolo.fi

9. Further parking terms and topical advice/directions may be found online at Home – P-Töölö (ptoolo.fi)

10. P-Töölö is the privacy data controller while storing and managing personal data, in accordance with the Finnish Act on Data Privacy (5.12.2018/1050, as amended) and the EU GDPR regulation.

11. Failing to adhere to the parking terms is sanctioned with a penalty fee and/or the removal of the vehicle at the cost and risk of the owner and/or possessor.

12. By driving into and/or by parking in P-Töölö you commit to adhering to the parking terms and to all and any separate advice and directions.