24/7 short-term parking

monday - friday
08:00 - 16:00               1,50 € / starting 30 min     
16:00 - 21:00               2,00 € / starting 30 min
21:00 - 08:00               1,00 € / starting 60 min

00:00 - 08:00               1,00 € / starting 60 min
08:00 - 16:00               2,00 € / starting 30 min
16:00 - 24:00               1,00 € / starting 60 min

00:00 - 24:00               1,00 € / starting 60 min

The prices are valid until further notice.

Max. 25,00€ /24 hours of continuous parking 
Max 125,00€/ 7 days of continuous parking.

A separate rental agreement must be made for parking lasting more than 30 days.
The tariff price changes every hour.
Prices are valid until further notice.

When paying with a third-party application, the P-Töölö parking price does not include
possible third -party service and/or other similar separate fees.

The parking system is barrierless. The layout of the parking garage can be seen on the gallery page.


Private parking (12 months fixed-term contract)                                250 € / month (incl. VAT)
Private parking (open-end contract)                                                      295 € / month (incl. VAT)

Private Daytime parking (07:30-17:30, 12 months fixed-term)         161€ / month (incl. VAT)
Private Daytime parking (07:30-17:30 open-end contract)                175€ / month (incl. VAT)

Motorbike (12 months fixed-term contract)                                         90€ / month (incl. VAT)
Motorbike (open-end contract)                                                               125€ / month (incl. VAT)

Business Parking (12 months fixed-term contract)                              250 € / month + VAT
Business Parking (open-end contract)                                                    295 € / month + VAT

Daytime parking (07:30-17:30, 12 months fixed-term contract)        161€ / month + VAT
Daytime parking (07:30-17:30 open-end contract)                               175€ / month + VAT

Check the general Terms and Conditions for Car Space Lease Agreement here


Discount with a prepayment:

1% discount on prepayment of 6 months. *
2% discount on prepayment of one year. **

Send us a contact form here to lease a car space

We kindly ask you to comment to the form if you have special requirement, such as:
– You’re leasing 3+ places.
– You’re leasing a parking space for a motorbike.
– Your vehicle height exceeds 2.3m.
– You have a electric car (+45€ / month + 0,15€/kWh).

Payment options

Download the Easypark or Parkman app in advance from the App Store or Google Play and activate automatic camera parking to ensure the best parking experience.

You can pay for your short-term parking with six (6) different payment options:

1. Automatic camera parking with a third-party application (EasyPark or Parkman): If you have the feature enabled, your parking starts automatically in the background and ends when you drive out! You can activate the feature for the next time you park in the service provider's application.

     - More detailed instructions on easypark's website https://www.easyparkpartners.com/kamerapysakointi

     - More detailed instructions on Parkman's website https://parkman.io/fi/pysakointi-appliös#download

2. Manual camera parking with a third-party (EasyPark) application: You can activate your parking in a third-party (EasyPark) application during the parking event. Your parking starts when you drive in and ends automatically when you drive out! After driving out, manually starting parking is not possible.

3. Parking fee at the traditional payment machine located in the Töölönkatu elevator lobby before exiting. Start by entering the registration number.

4. Pay the parking fee to the virtual payment machine with your smartphone before driving out: Make the payment according to the instructions on the wall of the parking garage with a QR code.

5. Parking fee within 72 hours: You can pay for parking on our website https://www.ptoolo.fi/ within 72 hours of the end of your parking.

6. Payment by invoice: If the parking event has not been paid for with the above payment methods within 72 hours, our partner will send the owner/owner of the vehicle an invoice to their web e-mailbox or home by traditional mail. An invoicing surcharge of €5 is added to the invoice. This invoicing option is only available for vehicles whose owner and/or owner information is available for verification from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.

You can pay for your parking here

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